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The church and its various organisations support a wide range of charities.  Those that the church supports on a regular basis are shown below. For further information about our involvement with them please contact our church office.

BLYTHSWOOD  The church sends Christmas shoeboxes to poor families and disadvantaged communities in various parts of the world.  These are collected by Blythswood, which is a Christian charity based in Scotland, who then arrange the transport to their destination.  Further information about Blythswood can be obtained from its web-site www.blythswood.org

Christian Aid holds a door-to-door collection in the neighbourhood each May.  In addition the local group, through Churches Together in Heswall, organises meetings to inform us of issues relating to the developing countries. Further information about the activities of Christian Aid can be obtained from its web-site www.christianaid.org.uk

Action for Children began as the National Children's Homes, founded by a young Methodist minister, Thomas Stevenson.  It originally consisted of orphanages and grew to become one of the leading charities caring for vulnerable children.  The work developed into NCH Action and more recently into Action for Children, which runs many projects assisting children and families in need throughout the country.  Our church organises a door-to-door collection for the charity and many members have savings boxes in their homes. For further details of NCH visit their web-site www.actionforchildren.org.uk 

The Wirral Methodist Housing Association has several members of Heswall Methodist church on its board, committees and supporters. See www.wmhaltd.org.uk for more details of its work.

ARK  Members of the church assist with the Wirral Churches Ark Project for the homeless.

TFSR   For the 22 years from 1989 to 2011, members of the church ran the Wirral branch of Tools for Self-Reliance, which refurbishes old hand tools and sewing machines which are then sent to Africa.  The local branch was formed in 1989 by members of one of our house groups who decided they should do something practical.  They were later joined by people from Greasby, West Kirby, Bebington and Rossett.  Some members refurbished in their own homes, whilst others met fortnightly at Clatterbridge. It is estimated that during its existence the group refurbished 15,000 tools and 60 sewing machines that were then sent to Africa.  The local group closed in 2011 but further information on TFSR can be obtained from their web-site www.tfsr.org

The Methodist Relief and Development Fund (MRDF) is involved in more than 60 local community-based organisations in 20 of the poorest countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, helping individuals and communities to transform their lives and become more self-sufficient.  Projects work with the people in greatest need, irrespective of religion and race.

MRDF can respond immediately to humanitarian disasters.  It raised £1.4 m for the Asian Tsunami in 2004.  A network of local partners and Methodist churches enable MRDF to respond to 'forgotten' emergencies.  It works also through 'Action by Churches Together', an ecumenical agency, in areas where MRDF and the Methodist church do not work.

MRDF is committed towards long-term development, emergency relief, and campaigning against the causes of poverty. Further information can be obtained from its web-site www.mrdf.org.uk

MHA is a charity providing care homes, housing and support services for older people throughout Britain.  Established 65 years ago, MHA now delivers a range of services to over 12 000 individuals.  It serves approximately 2700 older people in residential, nursing and specialist dementia homes;  1500 older people in sheltered housing and housing with care;  8000 older people in community projects.  Its services are delivered by 4000 dedicated staff and 5000 committed volunteers.  Further details can be obtained from its web-site www.mha.org.uk

Other charities that have been supported by the church and its various organisations:

 Helplink      Macmillan Nursing      Mercy Ships      Wirral Fund for Children      St John's Hospice      Toy Library      Contesa      Haiti Earthquake fund      Task Brazil      Toybox

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