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The society: Heswall's first Methodist Sunday School was held in the home of a Mrs Lithgow, a doctor's widow, who lived in Downham Road South. A Methodist society developed and their first services were held in two cottages in Milner Road. In 1854 the Society became part of the Birkenhead Methodist circuit. In 1900 the first resident minister was appointed to Heswall. 1908 saw the formation of a Boy's Brigade unit and a Girl's class. By 1938, the membership was 165. The membership grew and in 1959 it spawned the formation of another Methodist society at Thingwall. Membership peaked in the 1970's at about 400, with also a very active youth club of about 200. The society has always striven to provide a mixed programme of activities for people of all ages. Although at times there have been dips in the involvement of younger people, we believe that the church must continue to offer support and spiritual sustenance to the current and future generations. Our society continually seeks to adapt to newer ways of worshiping and of understanding and communicating our faith.

Buildings: In 1859, the first Methodist church in Heswall was built in Milner Road and was known as Gayton Wesleyan Church. In 1891 the foundation stone of the present building was laid, the former one eventually becoming the Heswall laundry. The new building on Telegraph Road was registered as Centenary Methodist Chapel as it was built 100 years exactly after the death of John Wesley. A vestry was added in 1893 and schoolrooms added in 1894. Extra premises were added in 1926 in the form of the present primary room. It was not until 1938 that the schoolrooms and the chapel were inter-connected by the addition of cloakrooms, kitchen and corridors. Further additions came in 1975, including a foyer, a church office, and a larger kitchen. In 2009 the worship chapel was refurbished.  The pews were removed and replaced by comfortable seats.  This made the chapel much more flexible to meet the needs of a changing church. The pulpit was eventually removed in 2010.

Venture House, adjacent to the church, comprises the Beacon (our modernised mixed-use public space) and various ancillary rooms for other activities. It was at one period the residence of the church caretaker.

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