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House groups

There are  5 groups which meet, usually once a month, in various homes. For many, these are an important part of the church life which assists them in their journey of faith. Each group provides its own programme. It may be Bible study, discussion of ethical or doctrinal matters, or general discussion about the life of the church. Close friendships build up in these groups, enabling one to be open, honest and frank about one's views. However, these are not closed cliques, and new members are welcome to join them. Those responsible for the groups and meeting times are given below:


3rd Sunday in month at 8.00pm        Hilary Burrows  648 1076


1st Tuesday in month at 10.30am      Ron Dagnall  342 3627

1st Tuesday in month at 8.00pm        Judy Edwards  342 5768

Monthly on Tuesday at 8.00pm          Heather Bates  336 4917


2nd Thursday in month at 8.00pm     John Crowther 336 6112 


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